A Large Havana Tourist Market
These images, available for purchase, captured
what the new Cuba offers, a combination of
American movie stars, Bob Marley (reggae), and
Che Guevara.  A wide selection by any standard.
The Rolling Stones had recently played their
Havana concert.  Here was a T-shirt of the Cuban
flag as part of the Stones logo, a design the Stones
created.   A Cuban flag T-shirt is next to it.

Many years ago western music such as the Rolling
Stones was banned in Cuba.  Times had really
changed in the new Cuba.    
If you have a high speed internet connection,
watch the complete, free Intrepid Berkeley
Explorer video of my Cuban trip, "Copa
Havana", featuring Cuban music and dance,
by clicking on this direct link which starts it

Copa Havana
More traditional revolutionary offerings,
all featuring Che Guevara.  Can't recall
much if anything with images of Fidel or
Raul Castro.