African Penguins
Boulders, South Africa
Since Penguins cannot fly, they
either walk or swim.
Penguin chicks have brown coloring while
they grow up.  Parents take good care of
their chicks until mature enough to fend
for themselves.
Boulders has a large Penguin colony.
Boulders Beach is a scenic setting, with
human neighbors.  The Penguins are
protected, quite used to tourists like me
who take video and stills of them.  

I have not seen so many Penguins since
my 1999 trip to Antarctica.  (That video is
"There's Something About Penguins".)  
The climate, as expected, was far nicer
in South Africa.
If you have better than dial-up, watch the complete free Intrepid Berkeley Explorer
video of this trip, "Rainbow Nation Safari", by clicking on the direct link below
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Watch my Antarctica video "There's Something About Penguins" by clicking on
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