Rhino, Leopard, Cheetah,
Zebra, Baboon, Blue Monkey
The Black Rhino is ready for its profile.  Poachers
after Rhino horns have made this one of the planet's
most endangered creatures.
The Leopard, unlike lions, is a solitary predator who spends
much time sleeping in the trees.  You can count all four
paws dangling down from the large branch.  Leopards drag
their dead prey up into trees hoping to keep it safe.
Even at a distance I was thrilled to see a Cheetah.  This
one found us at the Serengeti in Tanzania.  The fastest
land predator, the Cheetah is more likely to make a kill
than any of its larger, slower competitors.
This is a baby Grevy's Zebra, with a very
different pattern of stripes compared to the
more familiar common Zebra.
Baboons tend to show up very often.  They
live in large tribes, and march along the
ground.  However, Baboons sleep in trees.
I had never heard of the Blue Monkey,
and only saw this one.  It really is blue
and made a favorable impression.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch a free
video of this trip by clicking here:
The Intrepid Berkeley Explorer On Safari