Iceland Glaciers
I was not going to pass by such an opportunity without
making a fuss for the tour van to stop.  Here is a perfect
glacial face, one of many from the giant glacier which owns
this part of Iceland, Vatnajokull, largest European glacier.
While each face of Vatnajokull seems to have its own
name, that did not matter at the time.  This location is part
of Skaftafell National Park.
Skafafell National Park is a glacier feast.  Next day I chose
to reach and photograph this glacier.
The face of any glacier is stupendous, whether on land or water.
Humans seem puny in comparison to the glacier.
Same glacial face, this time over water.
Nature adds a second glacier atop the one I have been
photographing.  This area of Iceland is dominated by glaciers
and volcanoes, which together can send down flash floods
and lava upon Icelanders who take such risks.
If you have a high speed internet connection,
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