Gooafoss: Waterfall of the Gods
Legend (and history) hold that in the year 1,000, Iceland's Law
Speaker decided that the country should be Christian.  He then
threw Norse god images into this waterfall, which since then
has been called Gooafoss, which means Waterfall of the Gods.
Over a thousand years later my video interviews show how
Norse gods are still relevant to Icelanders.   
This view is from the top of Gooafoss, where it's easy to see
the two separate plunges.  
I'm generally no good scampering over rocks, but that's
the only way to properly photograph Gooafoss.  This is
the waterfall's left side.    
Here is the right side of Gooafoss, up close.  The spray was
fortunately not blowing into my cameras.  
I move in for an every closer look at the Gooafoss
powerful right side.  
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
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