Norse Gods and Trolls
My video has interviews with Icelanders that show how Norse
gods remain part of their culture.  So do trolls and other spirits.
These distinctively ugly large trolls are on the main street of
Akuryeri in the north.  I failed to be photographed with them,
the main shot that I missed.  By now I look a bit like a troll.  
Norse gods for tourists are represented in books such as
this one for Thor.  But Icelanders learn about and develop a
relationship with Norse gods in school, as shown in my
video interviews.  A minority of Iceland's people still
worship Norse gods, and their numbers seem to increase.     
These patriotic trolls with Iceland's flag are meant to
be purchased by tourists.  I will try and avoid an
unpleasant Norway dispute by not claiming on this
website that Icelanders believe in Trolls.
Seeing actual trolls may be impossible, but they are
everywhere in Iceland souvenir shops.
Seeing actual trolls may be impossible, but I liked
capturing this family group in a souvenir shop.
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