Ancient Beach Lava
On the Crow's Nest Peninsula (Snaefellsnes), lava many
thousands of years old has survived at the beach.  These
isolated formations in a variety of colors are magnificent.

I really liked this tall lava design.  Behind it is an alpine
glacier melting due to global warming.  
Here one lava display has survived in the water.  So
it's not really on the beach.
If you have a high speed internet connection,
watch the Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's complete,
free video of this trip, "Land of Lava, Waterfalls
and Glaciers", by clicking on
This came closest to white lava.  I think the sand
helps establish that it really is part of the beach.
Red lava co-exists with green moss at the beach.  
Over eons moss has covered many lava fields in
Iceland.  Some look more green than red or