The Gullfoss Waterfall
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"Foss" being Icelandic for "waterfall", that will be part of
nearly every waterfall's name.  Gullfoss claims to be the most
famous waterfall in Iceland, and it benefits from being close
to Reykjavik.

Gullfoss has both upper and lower falls, as shown above.  
Each is spectacular.  The people on an upper falls vantage
point top left, also their cameras, risk being soaked by the
Gullfoss upper falls are divided by what looks like a very solid
lava remnant.  The power of Gullfoss is best seen in my video
of both the upper and lower falls.  
The Gullfoss lower falls in their most dramatic plunge.  
Continue on for more wonderful Icelandic waterfalls.
A closer shot of the lower falls in their entirety, white water
in a sea of green.     
Gullfoss lower falls, here shown in a very wide angle, are
surrounded by green vegetation.  Notice the right side trail.