Highlights of Iceland and Table of Contents
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the Intrepid Berkeley
Explorer's complete, free video of this trip, "Land of Lava, Waterfalls and
Glaciers", by clicking on
Reykajavik is Iceland's capital.  The city landmark is this
church, whose name provides a great introduction to the
Icelandic language: Hallgrimskirkja.
Iceland is home to an endless number of waterfalls, and
those I photographed look better in video than stills.  This is
Faxi, first waterfall I encountered, from a great vantage point
above its wide display.  Spray from any waterfall getting on
the lens is a great threat to cameras.  Very safe here.
With so many volcanoes, Iceland is covered with both ancient
and recent fields of lava.  This giant piece of lava, a survivor
many thousands of years old, is at the beach.
Europe's largest glacier, Vatnajojokull, is so massive that many
of the glacier's arms have their own names.  I got the tour van
to stop for this picture of a glacier face.
Iceland Table of Contents