We Visit a Local School
Near our tented campsite was a town, and we got to
visit an elementary school classroom.  It remains my
favorite adventure in the Isalo area.

First the arrival of Western visitors with cameras
created anarchy, best seen and heard in my video.  
The kids  truly enjoyed being photographed, posing
for pictures which digital cameras allowed them to
immediately view.  Everyone was happy, except the
teacher, who eventually regained control.  There was
total silence, an end to mayhem.
Here are two of the young girls I photographed with my still
camera.  One cannot capture the sound of anarchy in stills.  
These three boys posed for one of my best stills.
Four girls also posed for me, clearly enjoying
themselves.  It was the last still I took before the
teacher brought such behavior to a halt.

The rest is on video, "Dancing With The Lemurs"
ending as the children sing Madagascar's National
Anthem.  Really helped to have a local guide who
allowed us entrance to this classroom.
If you have a high speed internet connection,
watch the Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's complete,
free video of this trip, "Dancing With the Lemurs",
by clicking on: