The Spiny Forest
Berenty Reserve, Madagascar
Unique Madagascar trees and plants of the Spiny
Forest defy description, and in my case, any attempt at
proper classification.  A huge swollen trunk mean this
giant is part of the Baobab family, biggest tree I
If you have a high speed internet connection,
watch the Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's complete,
free video of this trip, "Dancing With the Lemurs",
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This is probably called an Octopus Tree.  The Spiny Forest is
full of such trees with twisted tentacles in all directions.  
Most likely two more Octopus Tree views, with tentacles on
the left and a pair of trunks on the right.     
People from my group allow us to better appreciate the
monster's enormous size, as does a close-up.
There is no end to these totally twisted, yet photogenic
shapes, from what I label as Octopus Trees.