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Ring-Tailed Lemurs
Berenty Reserve, Madagascar
Ring-tailed Lemurs act as if they own the Berenty Reserve.  
They walk, tails held high, always showing the flag.  
Ring-tails go after human food when an opportunity
presents itself.  Often Ring-tails arrogantly conduct troop
patrols of "their territory".  No other lemurs I saw were so
certain of their superior status.

In Ring-tailed society it's the
females who are dominant, the
males subservient.  Not typical with most primates,
although similar for Dancing Lemurs.  Not so as to Brown
Lemurs, with males in charge.  I couldn't even tell one lemur
sex from another at Berenty, so forget about stills/video on
this subject.       
Ring-tails always looked so comfortable, sitting and standing.
They must have regulations for a proper tail display.
This Ring-tail was looking directly at the tables where our
breakfast had been served.  The empty tables were cleared
quickly, so Ring-tails could jump on them and find nothing
to eat.  The video shows a most intense Ring-tail inspection
of those breakfast tables.  Best thing about that meal was a
fantastic opportunity for Ring-tail video.