Andasibe National Park
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the Intrepid
Berkeley Explorer's complete, free video of this trip, "Dancing
With the Lemurs", by clicking on:
I found it difficult to photograph wild lemurs up in the trees,
way above me.  This is an Indri, perhaps the largest lemur;
and Indri are the stars at Andasibe National Park.  Unless very
lucky, one must settle for less than perfect Indri stills.    
I was fortunate with this Indri, down at a lower altitude.  Indri
display a variety of colors in their fur, all still classified as the
same species: "Indri indri".      
Most lemur stills here will be looking up.
This often results in less than flattering Indri portraits, better
than nothing, since I will not be seeing Indri anywhere else.
My introduction to the Brown Lemur at Andasibe.  Browns are
divided into many confusing species, which I will ignore.  They
kept turning up and were easy to photograph, especially on the

Andasibe National Park represented the extreme of lemur photo
difficulty on this trip, natural conditions.  It's close neighbor,
Lemur Island, was the exact opposite extreme.  I have never
seen anything so un-natural as Lemur Island.