La Mandraka Nature Farm
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the Intrepid
Berkeley Explorer's complete, free video of this trip, "Dancing
With the Lemurs", by clicking on:

This nature preserve allows us to see Madagascar creatures
unlikely to be found in the wild.  Here is an Iguana, master of
camouflage.  Other Iguanas are even more invisible.
The hidden Iguana has perfected green on green.  In the video
I use slow motion for the first time to show how an Iguana
catches food with its long tongue.
Another Iguana species prefers to be extremely colorful.
Millipedes use their countless legs to walk very
efficiently.  No still can match my video of a Millipede on
the move.
The most colorful Gecko that I saw.
The Bat is hanging upside down, which is normal for Bats.