Cano Negro Wildlife Preserve
Costa Rica
I hopped on this boat for a tour of local wildlife.  
The boat stopped whenever we found any
interesting species, a definite photography plus.
The Rio Frio, by itself, wasn't scenic.
Caiman are Latin America members of the
Aligator/Crocodile family.  They are smaller
than the Crocs, which I saw later on.
Caiman made for fine stills and video, such as this
one relaxing upon a fallen tree.  
Here is a Caiman, out of the water, doing its best to
look fierce.  This act fails to work, since too many
teeth appear missing.  
Photographing monkeys from a boat was a new
experience.  This is a Howler Monkey, famous
for its loud cries.  It's quite muscular, also very
quiet in trees by the shoreline.  Zero howls.
This White Faced Monkey put on the best show,
walking and jumping.  Advantage to video.  
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's complete, free video of this
Costa Rica trip, "Rainforest Nature Nation", by clicking