Arenal Volcano
Costa Rica
I hoped to photograph lava from an eruption, since Arenal is
often active.  Failing that my goal became getting the classic
volcano profile, waiting hours for clouds to clear the peak.  It
helped staying at the Arenal Observatory Lodge, the perfect
location to view Costa Rica's most famous volcano.  

This page has my best ever images of how a volcano is
shaped, even if perfection eluded me due to the persistence of
The clouds would not go away, which I considered very
unkind on their part.  I watched cloud formations drift by,
looking for an opening which never met my expectations.
Here clouds only slightly interfere with Arenal's profile.
Very close again, but clouds got in my way.  Not enough
blue sky.  I'm skipping all the stills which are far worse.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch
the Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's complete video of
this trip, "Rainforest Nature Nation", by clicking on: