La Selva
Biological Station
Costa Rica
La Selva's main focus is scientific research.  There is housing for
biologists, and tours for visitors.  In Costa Rica, famous for its vast
number of national parks, a great deal of additional land such as La
Selva is privately preserved.
I had never seen a Sloth before, and being up in a tree was no help for
photography.  You can see the nose clearly, but what I first took for
eyes turned out to be a baby Sloth in gentle embrace by its mother.
Look left of the nose to find the baby.
Costa Rica has many bats.  This species looked the part, unlike
some of the others.  
The White Faced Monkey was a pleasant surprise, best
seen when in motion.  It's activity level, including jumps,
were a challenge for my camcorder.
If you have a high speed internect connection, watch the
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's complete video of this Costa
Rica Trip, "Rainforest Nature Nation", by clicking on: