The Matterhorn
Zermatt, Switzerland
For Americans and others we know the Matterhorn best
from Disneyland and Disneyworld rides.  This famous view  
is from ground level, more spectacular than how the
Matterhorn looks from up high.  I'm providing both
A closer look at the Matterhorn, still from ground level.
Now I took a series of Gondolas bringing me to the top of
the Little Matterhorn.  Disregarding mild altitude
sickness, I kept taking both video and stills.
Here is a wide shot of the Matterhorn from up high.  The
famous profile we know from the two previous pictures is
gone.  Yet the Matterhorn remains spectacular.
Matterhorn closeup from atop its neighbor, the Little
Matterhorn.  A statement of nature's power.  
From this vantage point I can see large vistas of the Swiss Alps,
with more exploration in the video.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch
the Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's video of this trip,
by clicking on:
Tulips That Yodel