Amsterdam Coffee Houses
   That Sell Marijuana
The Netherlands
The Paradox is an Amsterdam coffee house whose real
business is the open sale of marijuana, subject to some
restrictions.  As the owner says in my video, it's not legal,
it's not illegal, it's "tolerated".
Here are the products offered for sale.  There is a large  
menu, which includes many categories of grass, plus joints
for those who don't wish to wrap their own, and marijuana
in cakes for people who are not smokers.
Anyone who wishes to buy pot in a safe and comfortable
environment will feel most welcome indeed, because
Amsterdam decriminalizes behavior that would be cause
for arrest elsewhere.  (Unfortunately photography is not
allowed in the red light district), another example of how
Amsterdam tolerates and regulates what is illegal in most
other places.
If you have a high speed internet connection,
watch the Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's video of
this trip
by clicking on:  Tulips That Yodel