Old Bruges with its canals and ancient buildings is a trip back
in time to the middle ages.  The clock tower, center of this
picture, dates from the 13th century and can be climbed.   
Hundreds of steps up, this view from the clock tower shows
no signs of anything modern.  It also hides the canals.  
Bruges was the first of three cities on this trip famous for
their canals.  The canals often were once defensive moats,
later used for shipping and commerce.  Vehicles are
allowed, and benefit from guard rails here.  Drivers can
be less fortunate in other places, as cars do regularly fall
into the canals.  Park at your own risk.  
Canal tour boats in Bruges are small compared to their
counterparts in Amsterdam.  Skipped this.  Instead I
enjoyed my Belgian beer and chocolate.  
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's complete video of this
trip, "Tulips That Yodel", by clicking on: