Capital of Belgium
A symbol for Belgium and Brussels is the Manneken Pis.
This little boy relieving himself dates from 1619, but there
was an earlier 14th century version.  In the picture above
he is not wearing any of more than 700 costumes kept in a
museum, including gifts from around the world.
Nearby is the stately Grand Place, heart of Brussels in the
middle ages.  This is Town Hall, one of the few buildings
not destroyed by a 1695 French bombardment.  
Nearly all sides of the Grand Place contain ancient guild
halls shown above.  Nearly all were quickly rebuilt after
being destroyed by the French in 1695.  The Grand Place
itself is a very attractive square full of restaurants ready
to serve mobs of tourists.   
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's video of this trip, "Tulips
That Yodel", by clicking on:
Brussels is Capital of the European Union, which gives
it a fair claim as the Capital of Europe.  Here is the
European Union flag.