Lake Minnewanka
Banff National Park, Canada
Lake Minnewanka had the best shade of blue I found.  
Rock mountains provide Lake Minnewanka with a most
spectacular backdrop.  A hiking trail around the lake
offers more vistas and a chance to encounter wildlife.   
Big Horn Sheep were on the trail, but this pair chose to
forage on the lake shore where people might be a source
of food.  Not exactly wild sheep at this location.  
This picnic was interrupted by a Big Horn who wanted to
join in.  She was polite, but received photographic
attention rather than any share of the family's meal.
When I hiked part of the lake trail, the best encounter
was with this quite young Big Horn Sheep lamb.  
One corner of the lake is open to cars.  This Big Horn
quartet of females and lambs seemed comfortable staging
a road block.  Drivers tried to maneuver around them,
while car passengers attempted to take pictures.
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