Lake Louise
Banff National Park, Canada
Pictures of Lake Louise will be taken by more tourists in the
Banff-Jasper National Parks area than any other photo.  It's
become a Canadian icon.  Lake Louise was green, as are the
forested hillsides shown as dark above.  Of course I was not
satisfied until trying numerous other photographs.
With blue sky and decent sun, you can see not only the forest
and its trees on the right, but also a wonderful reflection of
the Victoria Glacier, the crown atop Lake Louise.
This Victoria Glacier close up shows it to good advantage,
pure white against a blue sky.  Under cloudy conditions, it's
harder to see the glacier.  Every glacier I saw on this trip is
classified as an Alpine or Hanging Glacier, not coming down
to a body of water.  Alaska glaciers are quite different.   
From the Fairview Lookout, I still think Lake Louise is green,
while others label it blue, a common disagreement.  Note on
the right an intrusion upon natural scenery.
A huge luxury hotel at the banks of Lake Louise is not my idea
of what's appropriate in a National Park.  But it's here to
For some sense of scale I took the sightseeing gondola.  From
on high Lake Louise appears small compared to the Victoria
Glacier.  The hotel is nearly invisible and huge mountains
dominate the landscape both left and right of this picture.  A
clear day without clouds is needed to experience such vistas.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
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