New Zealand
Christchurch was settled in 1850 as the Church of England's
ideal colony.  The town center is still a 19th century cathedral
and Christchurch is the most English city in New Zealand.
The Christchurch Cathedral was a challenge to photograph
from various angles.  It must have intentionally been made to
appear centuries older than 1850.  One clue that
Christchurch has joined the modern world is these vehicles
parked under the cathedral's protection.
Christchurch has a streetcar system that goes beyond normal,
offering this version of meals on wheels.  The Tramway
Restaurant may have counterparts on trains, but not on other
streetcars that I have ever encountered.  
The Avon River is a special feature of Christchurch, and it
meanders in the city center.  Here is where I learned about
British style "punting", eventually punting on the Avon.
He is the "punter" and we had difficulties communicating
due to his lack of knowledge regarding football punting.  It
was a fun interview that's part of my video.
The punter propels the punt (boat) forward using his arms
and a long stick.  He does not kick anything.  I enjoyed a
most relaxing punt on the Avon, my last activity in New

Christchurch and New Zealand suffered a terrible
earthquake in 2011, over two years after my visit.
If you have a broadband connection, watch the Intrepid
Berkeley Explorer's free video of this trip, "North and South
Kiwi", by clicking on: