Mt Cook
New Zealand's Tallest Peak
Here is Mt Cook, spectacular from a far distance.  Perfect
visibility meant that I would get outstanding pictures from a
great deal closer to New Zealand's highest peak.
From any hotel, lodge, or camp in the vicinity, a hike on the
trail to Kea Point is a must for striking views of Mt Cook.
This vista appears at about the halfway point, naturally
framing Mt Cook to produce an artistic photograph.   
At Kea Point all of Mt Cook is revealed in its full glory.  
Perfect sun for taking video and stills in a late October
afternoon.  Can't linger too long because it's going to
become very cold, undesirable for the return hike.
Above Mt. Cook fills the frame as I capture its summit.  Good
luck matters, as clouds and mist usually obscure this view.  
Now it's time to evacuate and get back to my hotel before any
chance of suffering as temperatures drop rapidly.  
If you have a broadband connection, watch the Intrepid
Berkeley Explorer's free video of this trip, "North and South
Kiwi", by clicking on: