Roman Mosaics, Villa Romana
    del Casale, 4th Century
Piazza Armerina, Sicily, Italy
The Great Hunting Scene mosaic is the Roman equivalent of
an action movie, with far more going on than can be captured
in any single photo.  The losers here were wild animals of
North Africa, in high demand for combat in the arena, and
driven into extinction by the Romans.
This lion kill is very realistic, with a lioness taking down
antelope.  Now you have to go far south of former Roman
territory in North Africa to see these animals in nature
preserves, such as Kenya and Tanzania where I took a safari.
In a bit of artistic license, the Griffin joins this African mosaic.
One cannot blame the Romans for harming a creature that
existed only as part of their mythology.
Whether gladiators or Roman soldiers, this mural is full of
battles that pit man against man and man against beast.
Vivid scenes of Romans on horseback, perhaps the cavalry.
The Great Hunting Scene
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