Lake Bled
Lake Bled was the most scenic stop on this trip to six Balkan
countries.  I walked around the lake, taking video and stills
from all possible angles.  The hotels and resorts are
concentrated at one part of the lake, making the area seem
undeveloped from the best vistas.  Lake Bled's trademark is
this small island with a church.  Tourists can reach it by a
variety of boats, including one form of gondola.
Castle Bled looks down upon the lake atop its craggy perch.
It was from the castle that I took a host of fine island pictures.
Not a perfect island reflection in the lake, but very close.
My favorite closeup of the island.  We are looking at the
Church of the Assumption, which is Catholic, as are most
Slovenians.  The church has something of a surprise for
tourists, in the form of a huge, grand staircase to be climbed
from the main dock area.
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