Mostar and its Old Bridge
Bosnia and Hercegovina
Mostar's famous Byzantine Empire Old Bridge of 1556 was
destroyed by Croatians during a civil war phase against their
Moslem neighbors .  Mostar thus represents some of the best
and worst impacts from that recent war.  Note: Croatians and
Moslems are now allies under the 1995 peace agreement.

The Bridge has been reconstructed to precise 16th century
standards.  Young men will once again jump from it provided
tourists pay a sufficient sum.  (Advantage to my video.)
They leap into this very attractive green river.
But the river also serves as a reminder of how ethnic cleansing
from the civil war has changed Mostar.  Moslems (Bosniaks)
now live on one side of the river, shown here with its mosques
and minarets.  Catholic Croatians live on the opposite side.  
War damage is extensive & visible everywhere.
This is what civil war shelling and small arms fire did to
much of Mostar.  Many buildings are total ruins surrounded
by fences and warning signs.  The structure above is on the
Croatian side, but there were no winners in my opinion.   
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free video of this trip, "Draculas
Neighborhood", by clicking on: