Rila Monastery
Bulgaria's holiest shrine, the outside of this church is covered
with vivid frescoes.  It struck me as an Orthodox version of  
the Sistine Chapel, but with photography allowed.  
Destroyed countless times, the church and its paintings are
early 19th century, a World Heritage Site.  Here is one
presentation, among many, of Jesus.    
Mary and Jesus, here surrounded by additional images.  The
sheer magnitude of this work is hard to portray.
There is one dome after another of frescoes, which flow into
additional paintings covering two sides of the church.
The message, intended for people who could not read, is always
that good Christians go to heaven, to be where Jesus is Lord.
Rila's stern warning to non-believers is a series of paintings at
the very bottom, showing devils and the torments of hell.
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