Balkan Highlights & Table of
 Contents From Romania,  
 Croatia, and Slovenia
Bucharest's Palace of Parliament, arguably the most evil
building in Romania.  This was to be the palace of Nicolae
Ceausecu, Romania's Communist dictator, who was
overthrown and executed in a bloody 1989 revolution.
Ceausecu may be gone, but this structure remains, second
only to the Pentagon in size.  A challenge to photograph.
Bulgaria's Rila Monastery, a thousand year old World
Heritage Site, is the country's greatest, revered holy shrine
of the Orthodox Church.  Its fresco paintings are among the
most vivid and clolorful I've ever seen and been able to
photograph in the entire Christian world.  Above is
The former Yugoslavia was torn apart by civil wars in the
first half of the 1990s.  Many new countries emerged after
the shooting stopped.  Suffering and destruction were
greatest in Bosnia, whose proper name is Bosnia and
Hercegovina.  Sarajevo, the capital, was under a long and
bloody siege.  This picture is one of recovery from Mostar,
whose legendary 16th century Old Bridge was destroyed and
then rebuilt.
Table of Contents
Belgrade, Serbia
Bosnia and Hercegovina
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