The Sydney Opera House
The Sydney Opera House, completed in 1973, is my favorite
modern building in the world.  I tried to photograph it from
every angle.  This wide shot shows both the Opera House and
its neighbor, the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
The Sydney Harbour Bridge provides a perfect
frame for the Opera House.
From the bridge, other angles become possible, as. the
Sydney Opera House always seems to look different.  I
ended up walking entirely across the bridge, then
taking more pictures from the opposite shore.
Illuminated at night, the Sydney Opera
House changes it's appearance once again.
With the bridge also lit, here is an evening
version of the daytime framing shot above.  
It was my last night in Australia.
If you have a high speed internet
connection,  watch the Intrepid Berkeley
Explorer's free video of this trip by clicking
Kangaroo From Kakadu