This is Australia's big red center.  The dominant feature is
Ayers Rock, although the proper Aborigine name is Uluru.  
It is part of Uluru National Park, now Aboriginal land.  The
rock changes shades of red depending upon the sun's
position.  If you missed it, check out this picture near
With help from the sun, Uluru displays a brilliant red.
Climbing the rock presents problems.  First, Uluru is sacred to
the Aborigines who discourage any climbing.  Second, you are
looking at the easy part of the trail, which includes a chain fence
used for leverage and to avoid falling.  Several climbers have
fallen off and died.  Climbing begins at dawn to avoid the heat.  I
got most of the way up, before confronting a vertical rock wall
that was impossible for me to scale.  The Great Wall of China
was much easier for me to get all the way up than Uluru.       
These are the Olgas, smaller than Uluru, but still the
rock's most impressive neighbors.
If you have a high speed internet
connection,  watch the Intrepid Berkeley
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Kangaroo From Kakadu