The Aborigines
Australia's original inhabitants, who we call Aborigines,
were treated by the white man in a cruel manner similar to
the suffering of Native Americans.  Their land was taken
and efforts made to destroy Aboriginal culture.
Recent land settlements and other reforms have reversed
old policies, but many Aborigines still remain in poverty as
Australia's black underclass.
One Aboriginal success story is the Tjapukai Dance
Theatre, who perform in Kuranda.  It's another case
where only video can do justice to this vibrant show.
A highlight is this man playing the didgeridoo,
the most famous Aboriginal instrument.  It has a
very deep and distinctive sound.  Termites may
have helped create the originals, but didgeridoos
are carved today and found all over the world.
Aboriginal art has become a serious business.  This
picture was taken in the Aborigine territory of Arnhem
Land.  The kangaroo drawings shown here duplicate
the style of ancient Aborigine rock paintings.
Modern Aboriginal art has evolved into many different,
elaborate styles.  This is a kangaroo hunt, bearing only
slight resemblance to the traditional rock paintings.
Also for sale at the same Arnhem Land art gallery
cooperative was this version of a crocodile.  I was
lucky enough to photograph real crocodiles.
If you have a high speed internet
connection,  watch the Intrepid Berkeley
Explorer's free video of this trip by clicking
Kangaroo From Kakadu