More Kangaroos
Kangaroo Island, south of Australia proper, was the place to
meet Kangaroos up close in 1994.  At Flinders Chase
National Park, the "wild" Kangaroos had turned into tame
beggers, trying their best to coax food out of tourists.     
The scene was absurd.  Here six kangaroos
besiege the tourists for something to eat.
Kangaroo postures were interesting.
Standing is much easier on two feet
plus the long tail.
On Kangaroo Island, this cautious fellow, still
wild, demonstrates maximum support by
adding his paws.  He's about to hop away.
I did not go to Western Australia, home to the Red
Kangaroo, largest of them all.  But at a wildlife park
near Darwin, this big red was ready for his close-up.
If you have a high speed internet
connection,  watch the Intrepid Berkeley
Explorer's free video of this trip by clicking
Kangaroo From Kakadu