Stockholm's Vasa Museum
Sweden's huge and ornate flagship, the Vasa, was launched
with great fanfare on August 10, 1628.  It immediately sank
in Stockholm harbor, apparently because the Vasa's huge
weight, including cannons, required far more ballast than
had been provided for this mighty warship.  You can see the
cannon ports in the picture above.
After more than 300 years, the Vasa was raised and restored.  
Sweden's greatest navel embarrassment now resides in honor
at a unique museum.  Above is the once gloriously decorated
stern, a display of colors and symbols of Swedish power.
Here is the Vasa's deck and rigging that once held its sails.  
The Vasa can be viewed and photographed from every
possible angle, but visitors are not allowed on deck.  There
may be no other massive, 17th Century warship like the Vasa
on display anywhere else in the world.  
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