Denmark, Sweden & Norway
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The Nyhavn Canal, 300 years old, is one of Copenhagen's
most attractive spots.  Formerly a cargo port, boats still dock
at Nyhavn, plus it's a canal tour favorite.  Denmark is noted
for colorful historic sites and buildings.       
The Vasa Museum in Stockholm takes us back to Sweden's
worst naval disaster.  It happened in 1628, when the ornate,
mighty warship Vasa, flagship of the fleet, was launched with
great fanfare, immediately sinking  right to the bottom of
Stockholm's harbor.  Over 300 years later the ship was raised
and restored.  A gigantic, unique relic of the 17th
Oslo's Viking Museum features the last two remaining Viking
ships in fine condition.  They had been used as tombs on land,
in Norway and were excavated.  Above is the Oseberg's prow,
a ship buried in 834, when Vikings ruled the seas.     
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