Warsaw's Jewish Heritage
Warsaw's well established pre-World War II Jewish
community was one third of the city's population.  After the
Nazis conquered Poland, Jews were concentrated in the
Warsaw Ghetto, awaiting the Nazi plan for transporting them
to the nearby Auschwitz extermination camp.  Knowing their
fate, the Jews staged an armed uprising that was crushed by
the Nazis, who destroyed the Warsaw Ghetto.
Above is Poland's monument to the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.  
The same design is at the entrance in Jerusalem of Israel's
Yad Vashem memorial to Holocaust victims.
A closer look at the figures struggling for life and freedom in
the Warsaw Ghetto memorial.  With so few Jews left in Poland
after the Holocaust, the Warsaw Ghetto was never rebuilt.
The only evidence of Warsaw's once vibrant Jewish
community that I found were these wooden carvings for sale
of Jewish people who the Nazis gassed at Auschwitz and other
death camps.  Exterminated Polish Jews have become
souvenirs for tourists.  Many Jewish survivors of the
Holocaust who came from Poland helped to build Israel.
The next two pages are of Auschwitz.
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