Capital of Poland
Warsaw remembers Poland's most famous composer in this
striking monument to Chopin.  My video includes a piano
concert of Chopin's music, one of many held in Warsaw.
An obvious reconstruction after World War II, this portion of
Warsaw's medieval walled fortifications helps to introduce
the old town, also rebuilt after the second world war.
The restored Warsaw old town looks good as new.
Stalin built seven of these Soviet monstrosities in Moscow.  A
symbol of Communist power, this one went up in Warsaw as
the Palace of Culture.  Architectural punishment for Poland.  
In 1994, part of it was prominently converted into a Casino.  
A reminder that Poland was a strong European power in the
18th century.  Polish kings built their Water Palace, above,
along with other palaces in Warsaw.  The main royal palace
is in Krakow, shown in my video.
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