A Gallery of Old Poland
More than anything else these 1994 pictures of a Polish
farmer plowing his field with a horse showed how much
catching up Poland needed to join Western Europe.
Well over a decade later the Poles did everything necessary
to take their place in the European Union (EU).  The horse
has probably been replaced by a tractor.  The European
Union now includes all the former nations of the Soviet
Eastern Block in this photo gallery, the Czech Republic,
Poland, and Hungary.  Austria is also an EU member.     
Poland was a World War II battleground and suffered
massive destruction.  Most Polish old towns are replicas,
but they looked perfectly authentic to me.
Polish property taxes from long ago appear to have been
based upon the width of a building.  The City of Poznan thus
displays an unusual method of tax avoidance, with the
narrowest houses I have ever seen in its old town.  Continue
on to quite different images of the new Poland.
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