Prague's Castle District
and the Charles Bridge
Czech Republic
The Cold War had ended with the fall of Communism a few
years before this 1994 trip.  Eastern Europe was now free
from Soviet control.  I crossed what used to be the Iron
Curtain to arrive in the lively and photogenic city of Prague.
Prague's Castle District is a complex that includes palaces,
churches, ministries, and the St Vitus Cathedral towering
above everything else.  Kings and Presidents have all lived
here for a thousand years.  Prague remains capital of the
Czech Republic, with the scenic Castle District still an active
part of the government.  It is best photographed from below.
Introducing the Charles Bridge, which crosses
the Vltava River below the Castle District.
Built in 1357, the Charles Bridge is now a pedestrian
walkway, offering wonderful views of Prague, plus a wide
variety of street performers, from puppets to classical music.
The video presents highlights of outstanding Charles Bridge
entertainers.  The bridge was my favorite part of Prague.    
At night the Charles Bridge was a gathering spot for both
locals and tourists.  Sixties music lived again as a guitarist
from Brazil led a crowd of young people in singing classic
rock and roll songs.  Another video highlight despite less
than ideal lighting.  Prague also has an active jazz scene.  
With a high speed internet connection, watch the Intrepid
Berkeley Explorer's free streaming video of this trip, the second
half of "Gondola With the Wind", (after Italy), by clicking on: