The Hofburg Palace
Vienna, Austria
I think Vienna has Europe's most attractive palace, and you
can form an opinion by clicking on
Schonbrun Palace .  In
contrast, this page presents my 1994 candidate for the ugliest
palace in Europe.  It's easy to understand why the royal family
preferred to live in Schonbrun rather than Hofburg.
The Hofburg is a sprawling monstrosity, and thus truly
represents the defunct Austro-Hungarian Empire over which
it presided.  Going back to the 13th century, the Hofburg kept
being altered over 600 years, with many conflicting styles of
architecture.  I consider it ugly from every angle.
Not the Hofburg's good side, but then again there isn't one.  
The interior does have some lovely rooms.  And the Hofburg's
star attraction is the Spanish Riding School, where the
magnificent white Lipizzaner horses perform in an arena.  I
saw the horses and their riders practicing on my first visit to
Vienna in 1986.  This time, in 1994, they were out on tour.
Here is the Hofburg all cleaned up and much better in 2016.
A wider 2016 look and the Hofburg is marvelous.  I am
retracting my 1994 views expressed above.  Everything of
mine might be out of date, since I make too few trips to
stay current.  This was my third time in Vienna, first 1996
(without cameras), then 1994, and now 2016.   
With a high speed internet connection, watch the Intrepid
Berkeley Explorer's free streaming video of this trip, the second
half of "Gondola With the Wind", (after Italy), by clicking on:
And there now is the 2016 video that begins in Bavaria with
Munich's beer party, and includes Vienna; which you watch
by clicking on: