Mozart and Strauss
Vienna, Austria
Vienna's statue of Mozart, who the city claims as its own.  It
seems Mozart never left Vienna, where he still looms large.
More Mozart.  Here, in a life size cutout, Mozart peddles his
own brand of chocolates on Vienna's main pedestrian mall.
Nearby it seems Mozart failed to move out of this apartment
in a large building.  He's still in residence, even though the
apartment is now a Mozart museum.  The woman in this
picture lives in the same building, which makes her Mozart's
neighbor.  She spoke English, and my video includes an
informative interview of what it's like to share an apartment
house with Mozart.  
A golden statue of Johann Strauss: the Waltz King appears
surrounded by admiring heavenly music fans.
Mozart and Strauss concerts remain a feature of Vienna.
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