The Miyajima Floating Shrine
Miyajima is an island reachable by a ten minute ferry ride
from Hiroshima.  It's Floating Shrine is one of Japan's best
known sites, dating back to the 6th century.  This version of
the Floating Shrine is from 1168 and has been rebuilt
numerous times.  It is a Shinto Shrine Gate or Torii, a formal
entrance to the island once reserved only for samurai.  Now
the shrine a favorite with Japanese and foreign tourists.
The shrine stands upon shallow mudflats, appearing to float
at high tide.  I came in the morning, when the high tide was
perfect for Floating Shrine stills and video.
Returning later in the afternoon, the tide was going down fast,
and the floating shrine ceased to float.  Tourists now had to be
satisfied with touching the shrine, since it was reachable for
anyone willing to walk in the mud.  The shrine will not to float
again until the next high tide.  
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