Hiroshima Castle
Much of Hiroshima Castle was destroyed by the Japanese
themselves, as a hated symbol of feudalism, during the 19th
century Meiji modernization period.  What remained of the
original castle from 1589 was obliterated by the atomic bomb.  
Nevertheless, Hiroshima was so dedicated to restoration of the
past that this castle was reconstructed using modern materials
in 1958.  Here is the replica, standing above its moat.     
I found this new version of Hiroshima Castle to be very
handsome when I first visited Japan in 1984.  It is quite close
to the Atomic Bomb Dome, which is strange enough.  But the
next page completes a most odd trio of Hiroshima structures,
all within walking distance of each other, that travel through
the centuries like nothing else I encountered in Japan.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
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