Osaka Castle
Here pictured above its moat, Osaka Castle is a most ornate
restoration.  The 1583 version of this castle was destroyed by
the Shogun Tokugawa's forces.  Their replacement, built in
the 17th century, was torn down by the Shogun's successors
to keep the Meiji Emperor from taking control over 200
years later.  No wonder only a few original castles survived.
Gloriously decorated, including lions and tigers on the top
level, this concrete replica was built in 1931, and then given
an expensive facelift in 1997.  The exterior sparkles, and you
are greeted by elevators on the interior.  Traditionalists may
dislike Osaka Castle, but it photographs extremely well.
The lions and tigers adorn each corner of the castle, symbols
of power and courage.  Far as I know, only found here.    
This golden lion is most impressive.
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