Kyoto's Kiyomizu            
    Hillside Buddhist Temple
The main gate to the Kiyomizu-dera Buddhist Temple, a
World Heritage Site dating back to 798.  It's famous for
sacred waters visitors can drink and its method of
construction, which provides a view of Kyoto down below.
The temple's huge front porch stands upon hundreds of
pillars that support its precarious hillside location.  This
signature achievement in architecture looked far better than
the view on a dark and hazy day.
I also liked the temple bell, hanging under its own belfry,
decorated in the traditional manner.
Right next door was a crowded Shinto Shrine that provided
this colorful picture.  Now I can see the connection with the
Fushimi Shrine on the previous page, based upon the foxes
and red torii gates occupying the central places of honor.    
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