Flamenco In Seville
As a center of Spanish culture, Seville is a
great place the catch a Flamenco show.  Once
again Flamenco is far better suited to video
than stills.  The dancers are forever in motion,
as shown in my video.
Flamenco is a blaze of movement, music and
costumes.  Dancers perform in pairs, as soloists,
and in groups.  Both men and women can become
Flamenco stars on stage.  Women have an
advantage in the great variety of their costumes.
Here is the finale, with all the dancers on stage.  I
came away thinking that Flamenco may display the
fastest feet of any dance form on our planet.  One
competitor, possibly sharing a Flamenco heritage,
would be the gaucho dancing I saw in a show on the
pampas of Argentina, near Buenos Aires.  It is part
of the video "Tango and Samba Falls".
If you have a high speed internet connection,
watch the Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free video
of Spain and Morocco, by clicking on:
From Flamenco To Fez