The Seville Bullring
Plaza de Toros Real Maestranza, Spain
The Bullring did turn out to have an interesting,
colorful, exterior design.
This was my favorite bullring poster.
Next came the guided tour that she provided.  It
covered what every bullring needed, especially
the chapel and hospital, but also a museum with
the costumes of famous matadors, plus the heads
of their best known opponents.  This included
one bull so fierce that it was never killed in the
ring, allowed instead to die of old age.
The bullring turned out to be huge and hard to photograph.  It
should have struck me that this resembled something far older
and more familiar, but I never figured it out until arriving
years later at Nimes in Southern France.  Click on
Surprise .
I understood this feature, a safety area for anyone who
was involved with the fight, but preferred not to share
space with the bull.  Even a matador could escape the
ring, using the clearly marked emergency exits, which
were too narrow for the bull to follow.  But I assume it
would have been considered bad form.
<< Emergency Exit
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