The Alcazar
Seville is magnificent, my favorite among the cities I saw
in Spain.  We begin with its three World Heritage Sites,
which are neighbors.  Alcazar is the Moorish word for
fortress.  When the Spanish re-conquered Seville in 1248,
the Moorish Alcazar which had defended the city was

On that site a century later, King Pedro I built a palace
for himself that reflected what he really wanted, but
could not have, the Alhambra.  Moorish craftsmen,
presumably well paid for this work, came from Grenada
to help their enemy realize his dream, resulting in a
structure, the Alcazar, that defies adequate description.
As one enters the Alcazar gate, much of the palace represents
conventional European architecture of this era.  But open a
different door, and it turns into an Alhambra imitation.
This is the Alcazar, built for a Catholic, Spanish
monarch as his own Alhambra, Moorish arches
included.  Check out the real thing, second picture
from the top on this Alhambra page:
Lovely Alcazar designs suggest the Alhambra at
every turn.  There are also countless gardens
intended to further match the Alhambra.
If you have a high speed internet connection,
watch the Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free video
of Spain and Morocco, by clicking on:
From Flamenco To Fez