Old Fez, continued
This 3-man band played music while
parading through the alleys of Old Fez.
No surprise.  An Old Fez carpet shop.  
Mint tea was served once again.  As usual I
brought my carpets home as videos & stills.
This area, primarily devoted to crafts, is
about as wide and well lit as Old Fez gets.
I did find the butcher, the baker, and the
tailor, the latter pictured here.
There are a large number of historic mosques in Old
Fez.  You can see the fountain for washing hands
before entering the mosque to pray.  Unfortunately,
Morocco bans non-Moslems from nearly every
mosque, a policy that hopefully will be changed to
allow access, as in Egypt, Turkey, and Jerusalem.
If you have a high speed internet connection,
watch the Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free video
of Spain and Morocco, by clicking on:

From Flamenco To Fez